R!SE Up: Learn New Skills, Become More Marketable!

Evan found out about Twin Cities R!SE when he was at the Minneapolis Workforce Center looking for work.

“A recruiter there gave me the flyer, the brochure, the pamphlet, everything. He told me that TCR could help me get a job and help me develop the skills that I needed. The rest is history. I showed up thinking, I can get a lot out of this place. I am young, my experience level is kind of low. ”



“Here at TCR I am getting help and becoming connected to employers and internships, so that I can gain more experience and become more marketable.”

Tell me about the classes at TCR:

“I like the variety. It’s not the same thing every day. It’s always something different. You can do five different things in one field, and it goes on from there. I like that it is not intimidating.

What’s it like having a career coach?

“He’s really cool. Having a coach is almost like having a mentor. It’s someone who can be over your shoulder giving you support and he is always there for you.”

“Twin Cities R!SE is helping me make job connections, network better, and develop my skills.”

Evan is currently working with Twin Cities R!SE as an intern the IT department.

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