Empowerment For Leaders

Keith Simons, TCR Empowerment Institute Director, recently talked with Kare11 about his bladder cancer diagnosis and life changes in January.

\”TCR is really the backdrop for my story. My abilities to do what I have to do can be linked directly to the Personal Empowerment training I received and the countless number of classes I have taught. In addition to that is the effect I get to experience by working with Empowerment Institute clients and TCR participants. It is this experience that has me do what I do to dedicate myself to helping others who need help. The principals of Personal Empowerment live in the walls of TCR in voluminous amounts and I get to soak it up each day.\” ~ Keith Simons, Empowerment Institute Director

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Empowerment for Leaders is specifically designed for executives, leadership, and staff members of non-profits, private companies and government agencies. This course helps individuals make the personal, internal changes necessary to achieve long-term success. Using a structured curriculum that teaches emotional intelligence, motivation, self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-esteem, and empathy, our signature Empowerment program sets up individuals and organizations for success.

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