Twin Cities R!SE  programs will support you to R!SE to your full potential.  Our 8-week career training programs provide you with the support, tools, skills, and resources you need to become EMPOWERED & EMPLOYED.

Twin Cities Rise training programs are like no training you’ve seen or experienced, thanks to our signature Personal Empowerment and dedicated support staff.  Personal Empowerment builds your emotional intelligence, and many who take our programs say that this alone changed their life. Add industry-leading career-based training and you are ahead of the game in building your career success.

Each training covers 21st Century Skills (name) and you will stand out with today’s employers. You also have a personal career success coach who will offer personalized attention and the resources you need to create and achieve your goals. Your career coach will work with you to develop a career plan.  Our programs will help you create or refine your resume and confidently show employers what you have to offer in interviews.  Graduates of this program is typically double or triple their annual income. 

Participants have been placed in companies such as Target, Northside Achievement Zone, DailyPay, Hyatt Regency, Metropolitan Council, Summit Brewing, St Paul Hotel, Sunrise Community Banks, RePowered (formerly TechDump), Momentum Enterprises, Artspace, Copeland Trucking, Wholesale Produce Co, Goodwill Easterseals and others.

Call Center/ Customer Service

If you would like to provide a dynamic customer experience in a professional environment, then the Call Center/Customer Service training is right for you.  You will learn to take your call center and customer service skills next level in a variety of sectors.  During the 8-week training, you will also gain exposure to simulations and assessments that will help you be able to build your skills and confidently land a professional customer service/call center role.  Upon successful completion of program requirements, you will receive a certificate from St. Paul Technical College.

Twin cities rise is awesome! I recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to learn new job skills and learn a little bit about yourself! They help you find employment when you’re finished! The training they provided in the customer service program has helped me learn more about the industry and has helped me learn what 21st century skills I needed to be successful as a customer service representative.

Bing, TCR Graduate

Facilities Maintenance Specialist

For those who like to work with their hands and make a difference, this program is a perfect fit.  In the 8-week Facilities Maintenance Specialist training you will learn the fundamentals of maintaining the operations of facilities such as apartment complexes, warehouses, and large public buildings. etc.  You will learn the basics of blueprint reading, operation of hand tools, (and more of the key things). In addition, this program offers Boiler License, OSHA 30 certification, and a completion certificate from Century College.

I never knew I’d have opportunities like this. Just by sticking with TCR I’ve seen more opportunities than I ever have in the past.

George, TCR Graduate

My Road to Success

This is a customizable career program training, for those who are looking to discover their next steps professionally.  During the program, you work with your coaches & instructors to discover the transferable skills you have and how to use them in a professional setting.  Once you successfully complete the 8(9? 10?-week training you will have defined your employment success plan.  Your employment specialist will support your career search by introducing you to employment opportunities and interview opportunities that match your professional interests. On successful completion of program requirements, you will receive a certificate from Dakota Technical College.

I actually enjoy getting up and going to work every day.

Olivia, TCR Graduate

Diesel Technician

This is the perfect training for those who are interested in being able to inspect, repair, overhaul, and or maintain diesel engines.  This 8-week hands-on training will teach you diesel technician fundamentals including preventative maintenance, diagnostic systems, and engine troubleshooting, plus so much more.  Classes are held in person at a local community college where you can learn hands-on. After successful completion, you will have an opportunity to interview with employers who are ready to hire entry-level technicians. Upon successful completion of program requirements, you will receive a certificate from St. Paul Technical College.

TCR is an amazing opportunity to improve yourself mentally and your financial situation. It helps build you up and teaches you how to navigate the job market.
If you are unsure of what the possibilities for yourself are or are looking for some guidance with finding a new career path, they can help with that. TCR won’t do the work to make yourself a success for you, but will provide you with the necessary resources and training to make success an achievable reality for yourself.

Anthony, TCR Graduate


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