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The Empowerment Institute at Twin Cities R!SE extends our impact beyond individuals. We partner with businesses, schools, universities, and nonprofits to create an empowered culture within these organizations by providing Personal Empowerment Training

Our curriculum provides transformative Emotional Intelligence Training, delivered with profound impact through the integration of adaptive facilitation methods into the program, ensuring a life-changing experience.

We help organizations
foster transformative change from the inside out.

Personal Empowerment is essential for all human beings. It allows everyone to respect and honor inherent value for ourselves and each other. It connects individuals with their self-worth, bolstering self-confidence and providing tools for self-control and improved behaviors.

Social lessons within the program cultivate a stronger self-interest in one’s future. Feedback consistently highlights the program’s ability to instill hope, and our facilitation method is key to achieving personal transformation.

We tailor our approach to be inclusive of the variety of ways your team learns!

Emotional Intelligence (EI), also known as Emotional Quotient (EQ) refers to “the ability to perceive, interpret, demonstrate, control, evaluate, and use emotions effectively and constructively in interactions with others.” (1) The training covers over 40 emotional concepts, employing a spiral facilitation method that allows for processing time, practice, habit formation, and layered learning. 

Our curriculum focuses on Emotional Intelligence and the four building blocks that contribute to personal transformation inside both the home and workplace. Curriculum can be customized based on the four main building blocks highlighted in the video below depending on your organizational needs.

In the classroom
and online!

We have customized our curriculum and training modules to translate effectively into online and digital formats, incorporating best practices for impactful virtual learning. Our system capabilities include training and curriculum administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of all Twin Cities R!SE’s educational courses. 

All sessions provide access to our leaning management platform which includes an additional 45 minutes of emotional intelligence lessons to strengthen understanding and application. In addition, upon successful completion, each person will receive an Empowerment certificate and access to our mobile app, L.I.V.E 24/7. 

Let’s start your Empowerment Journey together!

The trainings below can be delivered individually or as a packaged series with additional add-on opportunities for continuing education.

Empowerment Institute Professional Development Series
Evolving Through Change Workshop
Activating Mindfulness Workshop
Empowering Belief Systems Workshop
Inspiring Leadership Workshop

Returning to the Empowerment Institute?

GREAT NEWS! We have extended our offerings based on your feedback and desire to continue along your path to empowerment!
We now offer additional opportunities to continue your journey with us at a discounted rate.

  • 1:1 advocacy so you can be your best self-advocate 
  • A digital Empowerment Journal to keep you on your path 
  • A mobile app to take with you 24/7 for those moments of inspiration 
  • And much more!

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We are honored that our Empowerment Institute was selected as one of the 12 premiere partners highlighted by SixSeconds. This recognition is a true testament to the excellent work of the Empowerment Institute and the overall strength of our partnership with SixSeconds.

Meet the Empowerment Institute Team! (L-R)
Jason Foss,
Nicole Pillow-Johnson,
Jeffrey Williams,
and Rick Thomas


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