R!SE UP: It\’s Never Too Late!

Nunlock B.,  mother of five, sat down to talk to us about her journey at TCR. 

What brought you to Twin Cities R!SE?

I wanted to change my career and be successful for my kids. And to show my kids that it is never too late to follow your dream.

What have you learned while being here at Twin Cities R!SE?

I learned a lot. I learned that I had skills that I never thought I had.  I learned that I am very powerful. I learned that I am an inspiration and motivator to my friends outside of here. I never knew that until I looked at myself. I have made a big impact in everyone’s life that I have come across.

What has kept you from job success?

I think just knowing the right things to say, as far as key words in resumes. And recognizing the skills that I already have. I have a big gap, where I didn’t work. Even though I didn’t work, I still worked and I still had skills even though I wasn’t in the workplace.

What barriers have held you back in the past?

It was being homeless. Not being stable held me back, I think it held my kids back too. In order to be successful, you have to be stable.  I came here as soon as I got housing.

The things that I learn here, I take it back to my kids. It is motivational and empowering here at Twin Cities R!SE.

What do you hope to accomplish when you graduate from Twin Cities R!SE?

I hope to know what my career goal is. I am still going to come back and learn more things.

What would you tell someone about coming to Twin Cities R!SE

I would tell them that it will change your life. It will make you see yourself within.
Twin Cities R!SE is real.
When you walk out of here, you will know what you are worth.

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