R!SE UP: Jacqueline\’s Triumph

You can’t help but smile when you meet Jacqueline. There is a presence about her that is the embodiment of joy.  According to her, this was not the case before she enrolled at Twin Cities R!SE.

How has your Transformation been since coming to Twin Cities R!SE?

“When I started at Twin Cities R!SE, I felt like I wasn’t about nothing. That’s how I felt because I had nothing going for myself. Twin Cities R!SE made me feel important. I had lost my self-esteem when I lost my housing.

Jacqueline heard about TCR when Quinten, a community outreach coordinator, was visiting the shelter that she currently lives in told her everything about the program.

“I am glad that I started it. I really love all of my instructors. I am sad that I won’t be able to attend the second session, but it is for a good reason. I am going to start a new job on Thursday! I haven’t worked since January. I am going to be working at Whole Foods, earning $14 an hour.”

Do you feel like you interviewed better because of Twin Cities R!SE?

“Yes. Yes, my interview was easy and peaceful. When I went in for the interview, the woman said that she liked the way that I came in, that I had a glowing personality. I am going to try to keep that, because she made me feel good.”

“Somebody asked me, is it worth it? Yes it is! I have been out of school since 1974. I never thought that I would go back to school at the age of 60.”

“I am glad that I started at TCR. I feel good about myself. I feel that I have accomplished something.”

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