Twin Cities R!SE and the State of Minnesota Partner for Economic Equality

Twin Cities R!SE and the State of Minnesota Partner for Economic Equality

Minneapolis, MN- June 2, 2016 – Yesterday was a historic day for the ongoing partnership between Twin Cities R!SE (TCR) and the State of Minnesota.  Governor Dayton signed a bill that invests substantially in reducing employment disparities in our State. The bill provides Twin Cities R!SE with $1.2 million in funding for the 2017 fiscal year. This funding will come from the $35 million supplemental state budget to improve economic disparities in Minnesota.

$400,000 of this grant amount is directed to renew a highly successful pilot program with Metro Transit. The innovative partnership will build upon the current and first-of-its-kind Metro Transit Technician program that trains individuals, primarily of color and from low income backgrounds, for careers as diesel mechanics. Through this partnership, Twin Cities R!SE provides our signature Personal Empowerment training and unmatched one-on-one job coaching to participants, while Metro Transit provides the specific skills and internship opportunities needed for the job.

The remaining $800,000 is designated for the continuation of TCR’s pioneering “pay-for-performance” grant with the State of Minnesota. In 1997 Twin Cities R!SE became the first organization to be paid by the State based on the results and measurable outcomes we achieve. This funding model requires TCR participants to be placed into living-wage employment with an income increase of at least $10,000 annually prior to any state funds being dispersed. TCR is eligible for an additional grant when program graduates remain in their jobs for at least one year.

In 2018 and beyond, the State has committed up to $600,000 a year for the continuation of TCR’s pay-for-performance grant. In signing the bill the Governor stated this bill “will improve economic opportunities for Minnesotans of color and ensure our economy works for everyone.”

In an interview on the legislation Tom Streitz, CEO of Twin Cities R!SE, stated “Unlike past efforts to address disparities, this legislative funding package is more focused and has the potential to make a significant impact. Today is truly a great day for TCR, TCR participants, and the State of Minnesota!”



For more information about Twin Cities R!SE please contact: Stephanie Jones, Marketing and Communication Manager [email protected] or 612-338-0295

About Twin Cities R!SE:

Twin Cities R!SE (TCR) is an innovative anti-poverty organization that offers long-term job training and placement to those facing the most barriers to employment success and long-term financial independence. TCR transforms lives, families and our community by helping the hardest to serve – those from deep generational poverty, find living wage jobs. TCR is a one-of-kind long-term training program with an emphasis on Personal Empowerment along with job skills training and intensive coaching. Founded in 1993 by Steve Rothschild, a former executive at General Mills, Twin Cities R!SE serves nearly 700 adults annually in Minneapolis and St. Paul – primarily men of color and those with multiple barriers to employment. As an outcomes-driven organization and a nationally recognized leader in Pay-For-Performance funding, Twin Cities R!SE demonstrates accountability and results. With job retention rates that far exceed local and national averages, Twin Cities R!SE is designed for low-income adults to become financially independent and exit poverty for good.

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