HR Representatives, You can change your \”No\” into an Opportunity!

Declining too many candidates?  Change it up to create a win!

Today, recruiting teams often decline more candidates than they want to admit ~ for several reasons; education barriers, mismatched skills, not enough work history, lack of employment stability, missing required skills, wrong industry… the list can go on and on. It is a challenge to find the right talent at the right time.




How many rejection letters go out daily and weekly in your work processes?  Too many to count?!  Imagine a way to change the dynamics.  Here’s what can you do differently.

Change your decline letter, to allow candidates a resource, a referral, and a way to turn that \”No\” into a  future \”Yes\”!  Provide them with a resource to simply better themselves through a fabulous career training program!  This option gives you, as the employer, a way to build up your own future workforce while creating and maintaining positive relationships with job candidates.

Instead of saying ‘no’ and ‘knocking out’ many candidates that are interested in working for your company ~ refer them to a great community program that will be a partner to you and your future hiring needs.

When you refer your candidates to Twin Cities R!SE for continued career training, they will also receive one on one professional coaching support, and sector based employment opportunities.  We stand ready to be an option for those you are not able to provide an offer letter to.

Helping everyone in our community achieve meaningful work is a success for all of us and keeps our Twin Cities area thriving. Assisting candidates to better themselves is a key way to set your organization apart and up for future success!  This also creates a great reputation for your own brand in the community.

You can start today, routing candidates that you don’t hire to community partners like Twin Cities R!SE. We are a resource for you to help build up our community\’s workforce!

Contact Jacquelyn Carpenter, Business Development Manager for more information.

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