Overcoming Adversities and Life’s Turning Points from a Coach’s Perspective: by Shereese Turner

On My Journey to Wonderful I had to Pass Despair: Overcoming Adversities and Life’s Turning Points from a Coach’s Perspective: by Shereese Turner, TCR Director of Programs and Operations

Why is it that some may reflect and respond in a calm manner while others just explode with so much negativity and bad attitudes?  Why is it that some thinking traps or hinders our ability to think rationally?


We live in a world of images, unrealistic expectations, materialism, capitalism, and overreaction to life’s situations with so much pain and hostility.  We no longer operate on a value base system as a matter fact, identifying core values and communicating with respect often become a thought after the fact.  Your attitude is more important than the past, than material things, titles, circumstances and failures. Life has a way of showing up and often times showing completely out.

The feeling of internal power enables us to function at the peak of our capability in identifying our “Life Turning Points” and how resilient we really are.  What I’ve come to understand is that the outer layer of people’s lives never shows us how many holes the person has inside.

Caring for and providing emotional support for someone is filled with many possibilities…the possibility of touching someone in a way that may hurt their spirit, or of touching those in a way that may help them heal. Professional Career Coaches are making a commitment of investing in true wealth…the true wealth and richness of human beings no matter what picture was painted in their past.

We have the power to mend ourselves, and by remaining authentic in our own feelings, to not forget to honor our stories and the stories of those we serve. A coach is our new superhero! Have you hugged a coach today?

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