Skills That Equal Success

Inclusion – Diversity – Culture Fit – Inter-Personal Skills – Integrity – Grit

These are all the key attributes and character traits that we try our best to identify during the interview process.  Companies put forth effort and rigor through the hiring process to predict a prospective employee’s success on the job!  Yet, even the best interviews can leave you with a surprise.

In effort to help your organization succeed with higher retention, engaged employees, and an inclusive culture ~ let’s put some rigor in training your staff AFTER they are hired!

Layer up the efforts of your interview with strong Personal Empowerment Training to elevate these personal traits. Twin Cities R!SE offers amazing workshops around Emotional Intelligence allowing your teams to achieve personal awareness, self-confidence, self-control, and social management. This adds value to your organization’s team, inter-dependence skills, positive communication and inclusion of your staff.  Our training is based on the core values that everyone is important ~ when we invest in our people, we can all achieve amazing success!

For workshop details, topics, and categories ~ please contact Jacquelyn Carpenter

For higher levels of training options – please consider our Empowerment for Leaders session.


Early Spring Session 2019
Dates: TBD
Location: TCR Minneapolis
Fee: $999

To enroll, contact Jacquelyn Carpenter at 612-666-8026 or email [email protected].

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