Workforce Training + Technology: TCR\’s New App!

Twin Cities R!SE is leading the way in bridging the gap between technology and workforce training.

You can now find an app in the app store custom built for Twin Cities R!SE participants and graduates! This task oriented app allows career coaches and participants to easily stay connected and engaged in participants’ personal career development plans. The app was developed under the direction of Alan Hupp, a supporter and consultant for TCR, and Ralph Pruitt, TCR Career Coach and graduate, by Stanford University computer science students as part of their senior project. “The goal of the app is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TCR’s coaching model, while helping more people complete their individual success plans and reach their career goals,” explains Hupp.


Alan Hupp (center) was presented with an appreciation award by TCR\’s Career Coaching staff for his hours of dedication.

Stanford students Rui Michael Aguiar, Stephanie Brito, Sahaj Garg, and Anika Raghuvanshi shared that they chose to work with TCR because TCR’s mission was particularly inspiring and they personally felt that they could make difference. “Creating something that was simple and easy to use, all while providing complicated functionality behind the scenes was a difficult task, but an incredibly rewarding experience.” shares Aguiar. David Wang, a recent Stanford grad and Twin Cities transplant, has volunteered to maintain the app and further increase its usability. Hupp, who specializes in the intersection of learning and technology has even greater plans to use technological advances to increase the scale and reach of Twin Cities R!SE’s Empowerment Institute.

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