Innovative Hiring – What Does That Mean?

How can we achieve innovation in our hiring and recruiting? We are all feeling the pain points of extremely low unemployment. Its time our recruiting teams add value without reinventing the wheel ~ but how?

Rely on your community partners – we are the heartbeat of the market with networks into many different pockets of fabulous people. Work that network differently and partner with them in an innovative way!

At Twin Cities R!SE, we create training paths that are specific to your organization ~ we work directly with you in a collaborative way to train new candidates for you to consider, hire, and, most importantly, retain. Our holistic coaching methods lead to long-term success for both the candidate and the employer.

Developing your workforce is the only way to succeed in this highly competitive talent market we are in.

Pioneer your recruiting partnership with a trusted organization that has 25 years of success in the Twin Cities!

Contact Jacquelyn Carpenter, Business Development Manager, for more information.

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